The Minnesota Veterans Medical Research & Education Foundation (MN Vets) is dedicated to advancing the health and well being of our country's veterans through cutting-edge medical research and education leading to prevention, diagnosis, and management of disease and disability.

Specific Causes

Ready to Transform Health Care through Research and Education for our Veterans? Here’s how you can make the difference!

The Foundation is a private, state-chartered nonprofit organization that does not receive any direct government funding for our operations. Only through the generosity of our research sponsors and donors are we able to achieve critical medical advancements for our veterans- and the community as a whole.

Annual Gifts for Endowment

Unrestricted gifts make possible direct support of research assistants; travel for research purposes and lab equipment- those research and education costs that are critically important for MN Vets operations.

Suggested contribution level: Any Amount

Patient Education and Professional Training

VA-approved education promotes integrated disease and/or disability management through outreach and training of veterans, caregivers, volunteers and community health professionals.

Suggested contribution level:            $5,000

Research Awards and Fellowships

Directly support the efforts of a VA medical researcher- particularly those at the start of their careers. Often, young researchers are restricted in their ability to receive large federal grants. Designated

research gifts enable scientists to initiate and continue vital research as seed grants.

Suggested contribution level:            $10,000

Pilot Project sponsorships

Gifts to fund pilot projects cover initial start-up costs, including data collection, study personnel and equipment purchases. Often the most significant discoveries are made possible by basic research studies.

Suggested contribution level: $25,000