The Minnesota Veterans Medical Research & Education Foundation (MN Vets) is dedicated to advancing the health and well being of our country's veterans through cutting-edge medical research and education leading to prevention, diagnosis, and management of disease and disability.

Capital Campaign

SPECIAL FUNDING NEED: Veterans Patient Education and Research Center

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A quality healthcare environment is integral to successfully integrating a veteran into society. As a place for education and support, it helps create a sense of wellness amongst caregivers and patients, enabling everyone to restore their lives to “wholeness.”

To provide such an environment, plans are underway to build Minnesota’s first Veterans Patient Education and Research Center, adjacent to the medical center. Not only will the center host a variety of educational and training opportunities for patients, caregivers and medical professionals, it will also transmit educational materials to rural patients and their care systems, as well as out-of-state health professionals. The center will also house MN Vets headquarters.

Financial commitments are now being sought from community members who recognize the importance of providing a quality healthcare environment for veterans and those who care for them. There are opportunities for naming parts of the building.

Please contact JoAnn Tallman (612) 467-5279 for more information.