The Minnesota Veterans Medical Research & Education Foundation (MN Vets) is dedicated to advancing the health and well being of our country's veterans through cutting-edge medical research and education leading to prevention, diagnosis, and management of disease and disability.

Industry Sponsors

Why you should consider sponsoring your research through MN Vets:

MN Vets provides opportunities to invest in our nation's largest integrated health care system for VA-approved research with low indirect costs and a patient population willing to participate in studies to advance improved treatments for our Veterans.

  • VA Researchers are among the nation's leaders in pioneering groundbreaking approaches to medical science. Their research has had broad implications in our knowledge of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, neurological disorders, liver disease and many other illnesses.
  • MN Vets helps attract high caliber physicians and researchers to careers in the VA. The additional funds made available through grants and donations from outside the VA increase opportunities for research.
  • We offer low indirect costs, ensuring that your sponsored dollars are available for research related activities, equipment, personnel, etc.
  • Discovering new knowledge about medical problems that are prevalent among veterans is an important part of our commitment to ensuring that veterans receive the best possible care. The work done through VA research advances the quality of health care for the entire nation.
  • By channeling corporate funded research through MN Vets, you will increase our veteran's access to the latest drugs and technology. Veterans benefit from the improved treatments and the extra care they receive when they participate in approved studies.